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Ministry of Health to tackle childhood obesity

For the most part children spend a lot of their waking hours being sedentary and engaging in poor eating habits. These factors contribute to a myriad of problems in children including high blood pressure and diabetes.  Yesterday, the Ministry of Education held a meeting with its stakeholders to see how they can collectively address obesity in children. Love news spoke with Robyn Daly, the Nutritionist at the Ministry of Health, who said that there will be a series of meeting in hope of coming up with solutions to obesity found in children.

Robyn Daly – Nutritionist, Ministry of Health: “We do have a very high obesity rate in the country. For example with children we know that our research has shown that we have about 8% with children under five and we are looking at about 36% in adolescence so it is something alarming and there is a lot of children having diabetes now. Also, we have learned recently that kidney disease is affecting adolescents and children so it is a major risk factor for other diseases. If we have our children being obese they are actually at risk of developing many other life-changing diseases that we all hear about very often. Probably sticking with the different entities and we plan to have regular monthly meetings. The Minister of Health plans to be actively involved in these meetings as well along as with our other stakeholders and what we plan to do is to look at how we can support each others activities, rather than working isolation.”

Meanwhile, studies have shown that sixty-five percent of our adult population is obese.