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Ministry Meets with Maya Mopan School on Issues

The CEO of the Ministry of Deborah Domingo says the Chief Education Officer and the general manager have gone to Maya Mopan today to meet with teachers members of the village and the administration. Domingo says that some of the issues as related by the Alcalde are still not clear.

Deborah Domingo CEO Ministry of Education: “There was a request to meet with the General Manager on Monday in a correspondence going back to November 2018. There was not agreement to meet on the particular day or date suggested so as a result of not having that meeting as requested by the Alcalde on the Sunday recommended that there was this further correspondence to the Ministry that says you all need to come in and meet with us since we cannot meet with the General Manager.”

Jose Sanchez: “Have students returned to school?”

Deborah Domingo CEO Ministry of Education: “That  I don’t know. The Ministry simply assumed a position of supporting the management for upholding the school rules as it pertains to unauthorized absences of teachers. It is necessary to address any unauthorized absence. What kind of school system will you have if teachers can be absent anytime without being accountable to a management. The management has a lot of authority and it has an obligation to the students and so if the management does not have that kind of control of the services provided to the students it has an obligation to act. If you read the statements and listen to what the president said carefully she also recognized the authority of the managing authority to make that decision and so having made that decision we are not then obligated to say they have done so legally, they have. We are not aware of what the other issues are going on other than what they have stated that earlier there was an issue with the school start time being adjusted by the principal but there was also information from the Alcalde and that situation was adjusted in a telephone discussion with the Alcalde and so he was not able to say specifically what these other issues are either.”

We’ll continue to update you when the students have officially returned to class.