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Ministry of Agriculture Completes Sheep and Goat Project

Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise, Jose Mai and Taiwan ambassador David Chien participated in a ceremony for thirty sheep farmers from the north. On Thursday, Minister Mai and Ambassador Chien handed out certificates of participation and completion to sheep farmers, who received training in animal care, nutrition, pasture establishment, health and traceability. The training was done by technicians and facilitators from the Breeding Sheep and Goat Production and Guidance System Enhancement Project, which is administered by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Taiwan Technical Mission. The sheep farmers are from the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts.  The farmers will now be able to produce sheep more efficiently using resources available at their farms. At the same time, it will increase income and profitability from sheep and goat rearing, and will be contributing to national food security. More training workshops will be held for other farmers in all districts.