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Ministry of Agriculture Says they Are Sticking with Local Carrots

Tonight, there is good news coming out of the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry’s Chief Executive Officer, Servulo Baiza says the carrot shortage will soon be over. According to CEO Baiza, the brief scarcity, which was reported last week at the Michael Finnegan Market, was due to early harvesting this year. The early harvest led farmers to experience hiccups in preparing the vegetable for sale at the local markets. However, Baiza explained to Love News that this week, there will be over thirty thousand pounds of local carrots coming into the market. He says that despite the cries of the vendors for imported carrots from Mexico to enter the market, the Ministry is sticking with local farmers.

Servulo Baeza, CEO, Ministry of Agriculture: “Our local production for any product whether it is carrots, onions, or potatoes there are usually some little difficulties at the beginning of the crop. Let me first say that this first crop for carrots is what we would call an off season because we started off earlier. So because of that we certainly were having some issues, the farmers were having some issues whether it be at the harvesting, whether it be at getting the product ready for the market and even the vendors, the wholesalers going in to purchase and get it to the market. You know sometimes are victims of our own success in the sense that we started off the crop early and so the farmers want to get the product into the market because of the price right now is very good and so we were having some difficulties but our extension officers have already gone in they’ve been working very closely with the farmers now and so we believe that coming this week we won’t have those issues any more. In terms of price we have to understand that we might be a little bit different, maybe a little bit higher than if you import from Mexico but we have to understand that the farmers in Mexico have a lot of subsidies our farmers don’t and our policy here at the Ministry of Agriculture is always to support our local farmers. We understand the issue that we have to make sure that we have good quality, we understand that we have to have a good price also but our support is for our local farmers.”

Baiza also noted that the Ministry provides technical support to farmers to ensure consumers get the best local product and protect the local market.