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Ministry of Blue Economy Working with Placencia Residents to save Silk Caye

The Ministry of Blue Economy is working with the residents of Placencia and neighboring villages to tackle the issue of erosion at the Silk Cayes. Last week, Minister Andre Perez and his CEO Kennedy Carrillo, met with members of the reclamation task force to discuss possible mitigation efforts that can be implemented. According to Perez, one of the possibilities includes the degrading of materials from areas close to the marine reserve.

Abner ‘Andre’ Perez, Minister of the Blue Economy: “We are going there again to do some more work this week right now. We are looking at a point where the Department of the Environment is involved as well and we’re seriously looking at instead of bringing the material, the foreign material. It’s not from the mainland. It’s actually, we can do some dredging around the areas in a very safe environmental way to try to restore or at least save the remainder of Silk Caye. To very much *Inaudible* but it started out with a fruitful discussion last week with the stakeholders, in terms of the people of Placencia including the Chairman of Monkey River was there as well. Again we will let them know that we are not against it. We are supporting it but we need to remind ourselves that we are a country of standards. We must abide by our laws and if we allow a community to do it or anybody for that matter to do it without following the laws, especially that the islands fall within the marine reserve then we are binded by these laws that we have here and that’s important. We don’t want to set a precedent. If they allow these people to do their own things then other people want to follow suit. But we’re just correcting things. We’re righting things. We’re not against them. We have said it clearly. We’re partners and also our co-managers,, they are also coming involved so, and also reaching out to the NGOs. We’re all working together on this. Collaborative efforts always yield good results.