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Ministry of Climate Change Gears Up for the UN Climate Change Conference

In 2009, developed countries pledged to contribute one hundred billion dollars a year in climate finance for developing countries by 2020. The target was missed in part due to the COVID pandemic. The topic of climate change was part of the discussions held during the G7 Summit held recently were seven world leaders recommitted to assist developing countries. We asked CEO Dr. Kenrick Williams about the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in November.

Dr.Kenrick Williams, CEO, Ministry of Sustainable Development, Disaster Risk, Climate Change: “We understand that we have to really consider those in our development pathway so that we plan, build resilience, build adaptation and invest in mitigation strategies. So I think climate change and the Ministry of Climate Change is really taking a forefront in the development planning processes. The fact that we have this portfolio that is integrated, disaster risk, climate change and sustainable development I think the government has signaled the importance of this issue and how we can integrate it and mainstream it in our development and addressing economic, social, environmental issues going forward. We think that the COP 26, the Conference of Parties the Climate Change Conference of Parties, would be an important event for Belize as a small island developing state classified as a small island developing state is one of those countries that is impacted significantly from climate change and the impacts of climate change because our low lying a significant portion of our population is coastal. And so when we go out there and negotiate with international countries we are part of CARICOM, we’re part of AOSIS and G77 and China so we’re part of these negotiating bloc whenever Belize goes out there to state it’s position we have to make sure that it’s in the interest of the country. So what we’ve been doing is doing technical briefings, working with our technical people to look at the position of Belize, looking at those key areas that are of importance. We’ve been working on building out our nationally determined contributions, our low emission development strategies and these key important national outputs that really guide our long term planning, our long term outlook for climate change to ensure that at those international events Belize’s position can be represented.”