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Ministry of Defence hosts National Security Conference

National security was the topic discussed at the 3rd Annual Multi National Security Conference which was held last week in Belize City. The Ministry of Defence hosted the conference in which stakeholders shared Belize’s vision, work and requirements with regards to military assistance with Belize’s allies and partners. According to the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Defence, Felix Enriquez, the conference emphasized security cooperation and military capacity building for the Belize Defence Force, Belize Coast Guard, and the Joint Intelligence Operations Centre.


Felix Enriquez – CEO of the Ministry of Defence

“It’s important that once a year we get together with all our military partners and discuss all of the different challenges that we are having in Belize in terms of regional security and they get a chance to say to us how they could assist us, what are their priorities where regional security is concerned and we in turn get a chance to do the same and express to them the work that we have been doing in Belize from a military standpoint and also to express to them the gratitude that we have for their contributions to Belize’s military security and Belize’s cooperation not just with the countries that are represented but regional security in general for Central America and the Caribbean.”


“After this conference what are some of the goals that you hope to accomplish through the sharing of knowledge?”

Felix Enriquez – CEO of the Ministry of Defence

“Well the most important thing is the partnership that we have with our various military partners in order to contradict all the threats that we are facing in the region and so we get a chance to discuss the emerging threats and how we could deal with them and how our partners can assist us with that. It’s also a chance for us to familiarize ourselves amongst each other with the new faces. Every year we have changes and so it’s a good time for us to interact with the new personnel in charge at various levels and so we look forward to it every year. We’ve come so far in such a short time, the Belize Coast Guard for example celebrating twelve years and they have moved from being a very small boat unit to 350 men plus fully fledged and fully trained coast guard with specialist and unit capability and the Belize Defense Force as you can see is becoming a lot more nimble, a lot more specialized  a lot more effective in the way that they do business and we could get the reaction that we get from our partners they themselves are very happy with the progress that they see.”

The conference was attended by high level military delegations from Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.