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Ministry of Education cuts funding for CSEC examinations

Ministry of Education has announced the start of limited face to face classes for January 2021.   The announcement was made via a memorandum dated yesterday to the administration of secondary schools.  The memorandum’s focus was on the streamlining of CSEC exams and the ministry’s financial input in the process.  According to the ministry the Government will be paying for up to three exams per student and not the six as was the previous practice.  In addition, the ministry has announced that due to constraints the government will not be having any national award or recognition ceremony for the CSEC top performers.  In the note to the principals the ministry also stated that in order to have the students fully prepared to sit the exams there will be face to face classes starting January next year.  These classes will be limited and will be scheduled around the health protocols in effect at the time.  The ministry has advised students to only sign up for exams that they feel they would be fully prepared to sit and that with passes of three exams students will automatically qualify for a CSEC Tuition Grant for tertiary level studies.  English A and Mathematics must be included in those three passes.