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Ministry of Education Moves Swiftly to Provide Dangriga Teachers with Safe Transportation

Educators of Dangriga Town, who teach in rural communities, will now be able to get to and from school safely and comfortably. As we reported yesterday, some sixty teachers were upset over the unreliable and poor conditions of the bus that transports them to their respective schools in rural Stann Creek. The teachers expressed their frustrations over the situation and called on the Ministry of Education to remedy the issue immediately. According to Rafael Sosa, who is responsible for the national school bus transportation, the teachers were provided with a much more suitable bus this morning and will continue to be transported in comfort.

Rafael Sosa, Communications Officer, MOECST: “When I was informed of that unfortunate situation yesterday with the aid of the Manager of our District Education Centre in Stann Creek, we were able to identify an alternative bus operator who informed us that he would have been able to fill in this morning and to take up the bus run that transports those teachers from Dangriga to Bella Vista, San Isidro and so I spoke with the District Education Centre Manager earlier and she did confirm to me that the other bus operator that we identified that he provided transportation service for those teachers this morning and that he will be returning this afternoon to pick up the teachers as they make the reverse route back to Dangriga and he will provide that service for the remainder of this week. I made it very clear to the bus contractor, who is the one who has been contracted by the ministry to service that bus run, that he must be ready come next week to resume that run but in the event that that doesn’t happen then we certainly have our contingency plan in place.” 

The group of teachers travels each weekday to several villages including Trio, San Roman, Bladen, Bella Vista, and Red Bank.///