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Ministry of Education roles out TVET Training

Today was the launch of the Leadership and Management Certificate Program to provide for capacity building and professional development for administrators and instructors of Technical Vocational & Educational Training (TVET). The program is being sponsored by the European Union at a cost of one point three million Euros.  Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, spoke about who will benefit from the training.

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister

“Well, its geared towards the leaders of our technical and vocational institutions that include the ITVETs and also those high schools that offer technical and vocational education.”


“How long is this training?”

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister

“The training is for six months and there will be subsequent trainings for instructors and then of course while these training sessions are going on we are also engaging teacher training institutions so that once the training is completed with the entity that is doing it from abroad we are able to then in 2019 and beyond to offer our local institutions will be able to offer training that comes from those local institutions themselves.”

The training will take place at two institutions, namely, the Institute for Technical & Vocational Training (ITVET) in Belize City and Independence High School in the Stann Creek District. A total of 47 participants will benefit from the program. The training will align Belize with the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) framework.