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Ministry of Education Says Almost Ninety Percent of Teachers have been Vaccinated

While the ministry is uncertain as to how many schools will be given the green light for Monday, they are certain that almost ninety percent of teachers nationwide have been vaccinated. This number is a twenty percent increase from the Ministry’s previous report of seventy percent back in August. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Education, Dian Maheia says the high number of vaccinated teachers shows that the ministry is ensuring the safety of students as they prepare to return to the classroom.

Diana Maheia, CEO, Ministry of Education:Buy the last data that I got we are close to 90% of teachers across the country who have been vaccinated so that’s very encouraging. It shows really that teaches understand how important a role they play here in the safety and well-being. The vaccinations as you know will not prevent the transmission or the occurrence of the virus but they will help to make us safer and there’s less likelihood that we will get so seriously ill that we would need to be hospitalized or even that we would die and that’s an important thing. What we recognize is that where we have classrooms –  and again this is across the world over this is isn’t just for Belize  – whenever we have gatherings of people where the vaccination count is higher the transmission rate is lower so it’s critically important for teachers to be vaccinated and we are grateful that the vast majority of our teachers across the country are.”

Reporter: that 90% that pretends to secondary tertiary?

Diana Maheia, CEO, Ministry of Education:  That’s teachers across the board at all levels. “

CEO Maheia says that the remaining ten percent of teachers are expected to get their jab in the near future.