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Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Reform to Include Changes for Special Needs Students

The Minister of Education, Francis Fonseca, assured that the ministry understands how important it is to provide quality education for students. He further stated that the ministry is committed to making certain that its education plan is inclusive of students’ needs.
Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education: “We’re looking at the entire curriculum and an important part of that curriculum is Special Education and how do we deliver that special education to our students and so we’re looking. The curriculum, in terms of curriculum reform, we’re also looking at the curriculum we provide for special needs students. So NaRCIE is engaged in that work and we are going to ensure that these students get the skills, you know, the knowledge, the information, the skills but also the values and attitudes that they need to function effectively in society and we want to make sure that these students can also transition to highschool and beyond so that they don’t feel limited in terms of their education. So, we’re working the entire curriculum will reflect our appreciation of special education.”

Apart from the Curriculum Reform, the Special Envoy for Families and Children, Rossana Briceno explained that the National Resource Center for Inclusive Education (NARCIE) is also undergoing a reform process.
H.E. Rossanna Briceño, Special Envoy for the Development of Families and Children: “We’re training our officers to be able to, to be able to give the services that the teachers in the regular classrooms need so that our children that are included in the regular classrooms and at the centres can get the skills training, can get the education, the life skills that they need. NaRCIE has come a long way and I feel that, now, with NaRCIE being isolated I should say, or taken out of a lot of other services, NaRCIE in itself has become an essential service. So we’re focussing on NaRCIE on its own, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education, to ensure that the teachers here get the services, get the training from our NaRCIE officers.”