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Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology and Public utilities launches new initiative

Fem Cruz reporting…

“The Ministry of Energy Science and Technology along with the PUC with support from the global environment facility in association with the Caribbean Community Climate Change launched a new project called the adaptation of labeling and standards for energy efficient equipment. Ambrose Tillet, Energy Director spoke to Love News about this new initiative and David Migon OAS consultant praised Belize and said this new initiative will help Belizean consumers to pay less.”

Ambrose Tillet, Energy Director

“In order for us to achieve sustainable performance in terms of the energy sector for us to be able to improve quality of life, we need to make sure that any equipment that we use whether it’s for cooling, lighting, refrigeration, that those equipment perform well and when they perform well they also use energy very efficiently.  This consultancy we are having here is really designed to help us to improve how that system works because what happens is that countries like us, a lot of manufacturers will dump crappy stuff in Belize and so one of the things we want to be able to get out of our market. So what we are talking about here is some minimum standards, so if you are buying a light bulb you expect it to last a certain life time, you expect it to give you a certain amount of light, you expect it to give you a certain color so those things should be defined. The second issue has to do with giving customers proper information which is the labels now. When a customer goes and buys an AC or refrigerator the customer should be well informed so they make a good decision in terms of buying something that gives him the lowest cost of ownership. This consultancy as I said is about energy, standards and labels.”

 David Migon, OAS Consultant

“The exciting part that we see about this is that Belize is a leader in the region. They’ve done a lot of preparatory work which means that Belize is positioned to be able to help customers but yet there is very little that has been done in energy efficiency.  So, our consultancy here is to help understand what is being done in the US Virgin Islands where we ran a program called VI energize that is helping customers understand what the right purchasing decisions are when they buy a washer, an appliance, solar roof top, air conditioning units, all those kinds of things why should I buy the right one now and we are going to be helping Belizeans learn the difference between buying the lowest priced thing that was knocked together quickly in China and is going to last three years or why to spend $100 or $200 more on an appliance that will last a lot longer, will use a lot less water , use a lot less electricity and put money back into Belizean’s pockets.