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Ministry of Health and partners focus on child nutrition

Paul Mahung reporting…

The educational manuals and equipment are in connection with Japanese Social Development Fund Project implemented by the Ministry of Health. After the national anthem by students of Big Falls RC School the welcome remarks were given by the chairman of the Toledo Health Council. Guest Speaker was Ministry of Health CEO, Dr. Peter Allen.

Dr. Peter Allen – CEO, MOH

“Our particular concern in Toledo was that we have such brilliant children in Toledo but statistically we can see that they are not quite achieving their full potential either their full growth potential or their academic potential and we know that that is not because of the children and our research shows that it is in fact because of something called malnutrition and often that is just poor nutrition where our children are not eating all of the best foods, it’s also because sometimes our children don’t have all the right environments in which to live and play. Sometimes they contract hookworms and other small parasitic infestations which also help stop them from getting their full nourishment. We’ve produced a wonderful cookbook with local recipes using local foods to help the school feeding programs prepare nutritious meals. We’ve produced market gardens and green houses and sheds and all the tools and fertilizers and equipment necessary to produce healthy vegetables throughout the schools in the district and here we are launching these tilapia ponds to help make sure that we can sustainably provide the protein so that all of our children in school can have the opportunity for a well-balanced nutritious meal.”

Other speakers included Manager Toledo Education Center Dr. Carmen Jane Avila and Japanese Social Development Fund Project Coordinator Dr. Andrew Vernon.

Dr. Andrew Vernon – Project Coordinator

“We provided all schools who requested items tailored to their feeding program, meaning if the school has forty students they have requested a refrigerator, stove and enough plates and so on to provide for those students. Larger schools requested more items so the feeding program aspect the items are based on the size of the school but in terms of the health day manual all schools received equal equipment and they are just simple equipment like monitors, cameras and projectors, laptop, everybody received a manual themselves, the “Healthy Flavors of the South” and the Healthy Growing Good video, all schools received those documents.

Paul Mahung – Love News

“On stage entertainment was provided by students of Julian Cho Technical High and Little Flower RC School. Signing of documents and handing over of projects supplies was done by Ministry of Health CEO Peter Allen and the principal Litter Flower RC School. In another ceremony the cutting of the ribbon by Julian Cho Technical High school principal and Ministry of Health CEO marked the inauguration of JC Technical High school Tilapia project.”