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Ministry of Health and Wellness Continues Vaccination Campaign in the North

More than a hundred and sixteen thousand persons have received their first dose of the COVID vaccine; close to forty-four thousand persons are now fully vaccinated, but that is a mere fifteen percent. As part of the Before You Relax, Get Vax campaign, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is now allowing persons to register for a Covid-19 vaccination appointment online, the ministry has also embarked on an aggressive campaign and today, the focus was in the Orange Walk District. Senior Reporter, Hipolito Novelo was there.

Come September those who have been vaccinated will be afforded certain benefits.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “When September comes around we’re gonna be moving over to more of a benefit type of a system where people who are vaccinated will be able to have access to certain places and certain services that people who do not have a vaccination will not be able to access. And so the message is if you’re taking the step to protect yourself, to protect your family, to protect your country then you must be rewarded and that is the next step in this campaign.” 

Reporter: It’s part of the “Before You Relax Get Vax !” campaign launched by the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness:  “Up to yesterday we had a 115,000 people vaccinated with a first dose and over 43,000 with a second dose and I want to continue to encourage our residents and our citizens to come out and be vaccinated.”

Reporter: Today the campaign travelled to the Orange Walk district where residents there were given face masks and additional information on COVID and the vaccine. They were also given the opportunity to receive the vaccine. At the San Pablo vaccination site a large number of people came out. Area Representative for Orange Walk North Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes says this is a good sign.

Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes, Area Representative Orange Walk North: “The response I should say is very awesome. You know the turn out is great and it demonstrates that the people are taking this COVID19 matter very very serious.”

Reporter: And to the east residents there also taking the matter serious. Orange Walk East area representative Kevin Bernard says the goal is to contribute to the health of the nation.

Kevin Bernard, Area Representative, Orange Walk East: “We are in that number high percentage of people coming out and of course I want to continue to encourage our residents in Orange Walk East to come out and get vaccinated. It’s critical for us to push this campaign. It’s going to help the economy, it’s going to help for us to be able to ease some of the restrictions at some point but at the same time it’s a benefit to the health of the nation.”

Reporter: And nationwide Minister Chebat says the number of vaccinated persons has increased significantly.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “I think the ministry has been consistently out there with this message for the last six months trying to invite people to come out and get vaccinated and I think the message now resounding with the people. We launched our campaign on the 30th of June as you’re aware , we’ve had increase in numbers so I think people are more conscious of what’s happening in the country and they’re aware of the necessity to be vaccinated.”