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Ministry of Health Announces Discounted Implants

Ministry of Health in collaboration with Hiossen Implant Company will be conducting dental implant course for free dental implants by the Belize Dental Department. The course starts on Friday and will continue through to October 17.  It will be divided in two parts, theory and practical with the theory part being on October 12 and the practical sessions on the other days at the Central Region Conference room in Belize City. These activities being carried out are to enhance the dental services being offered to the public.  Space is limited and will be on a first come first serve basis.  It is to be noted that screening will take place from October 8 through the tenth. Patients selected will be required to get an impression and a panoramic x-ray in order to qualify and will be responsible to pay for their crowns and bridges. Further information can be had by contacting Dr. Raphael Samos at Nursing School at 610-1119, or any of the Government Dental Surgeons for an appointment.