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Ministry of Health Confirms Over Three Hundred New Cases of COVID-19

Three hundred and forty-five new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed over the weekend. Additionally, the Ministry of Health and Wellness reports that between Saturday and Monday, three more people have lost their lives because of complications attributed to the virus. Forty-four people are hospitalized, along with twelve in the ICU while nine hundred thirty persons are under investigation. Of the forty four persons hospitalized, twenty-four are unvaccinated, another eleven have received only the first dose while nine are fully vaccinated. One of those fully vaccinated individuals, who have tested positive is the mother of the Leader of the Opposition, Betty Brown-Pott. She, her husband and one of their daughters all tested positive late last week. Opposition leader, Patrick Faber told the media today that while his mother is recovering, he continues to encourage everyone to take the necessary precautions.

Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition: “It has certainly deepened it because while you know there has been no relenting on my part to encourage people to get their vaccination and to wear their mask and to properly follow the social distancing and other health protocols that are assigned to this very dangerous pandemic when it hits home like this it’s very difficult. My mother and my stepfather are affected at this time, my little sister as well and my little sister who is about twenty I think does not have any symptoms at all but my stepfather and my mother certainly have. My mother was hospitalized but all of them are fully vaccinated and I use this opportunity to say to people too because when you say that people say, especially the anti vaxxers, ‘See Faber’s mom and stepfather were fully vaccinated and see what COVID still did to them.’ well the truth is that my mother does have underlying conditions and in fact had she not been vaccinated I am pretty sure the disease would have had a much different effect on her. She is still very much as I’ve expressed to you earlier not out of the woods, she is on a high flow oxygen machine so she’s not intubated and we see steady signs of her recovery everyday. I believe if she continues on this path she will be able to make a full recovery but the thing is that you want to avoid that all together and if you are a healthy person, you don’t have any of these underlying conditions and you get your vaccine even if you are faced with COVID.”

Of the new cases reported, Belize District tallied one hundred and twenty-seven, eighty-seven of which were in Belize City. The death toll now stands at four hundred and five. Since August 1, there have been sixty-eight fatalities attributed to COVID-19. About forty-two percent of those deaths were individuals age sixty and over. Ten individuals, or about fifteen percent of fatalities since August, were fully vaccinated, five received only the first dose, while fifty-three were unvaccinated.