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Ministry of Health Contemplating a Fourth Voluntary Booster Shot for Public Officers

The Ministry of Health and Wellness reports that within the past twenty-four hours there were thirteen new COVID-19 cases, six new recoveries, and zero deaths. Of the thirteen new cases, six persons are hospitalized one of whom is in the intensive care unit. There are currently one hundred twenty-eight active cases and one hundred twenty-seven cases are under investigation. In an interview earlier this week, Health and Wellness Minister Kevin Bernard told Love News that there are tens of thousands of COVID-19 vaccines in storage. A large amount of that vaccine is the Pfrizer vaccine which expires in May. Bernard notes that the number of persons getting vaccinated is stagnant and many Belizeans have yet to receive their boosters. The ministry is considering to ask public officers or frontline workers to receive the fourth shot as their second booster.

Hon. Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness: “We are in the phase of discussion. A suggestion has been made that in order to also, front line workers, for example, a recommendation from our team, and I think it came from also the W.H.O., that we should start to look at the possibility of offering a fourth shot or a second booster to our frontline workers. And so, we will take that decision pretty soon to Cabinet after we finalize discussions. But that has been a recommendation coming from the health team. And then, we believe it is something that we want to implement pretty soon; hopefully, within the next week or two.”

Reporter: “When it’s needed, it’s necessary.”

Hon. Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness: “Well, it has been something that we noticed has been used around the world, in the United States, and other countries. And it has shown that it has been effective, so the more protection you have, the better for you.”