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Ministry of Health Encourages Vendors to get their COVID-19 Jabs

Meanwhile, the Ministry has taken to marketplaces encouraging vendors to get their COVID-19 jabs. Belmopan correspondent Fem Cruz tells us more about Tuesday’s drive in the following report.

Belize’s vaccination numbers are still low with only 12% of the population having received their shots against the COVID-19. The Ministry of Health held an educational walkthrough at market day in Belmopan in order to encourage those residents that are still not vaccinated as yet to get their shots. Dr.Rene Godoy, Chief of Staff and Nurse Rose Anderson spoke to Love News about the success of the market day walkthrough.

Nurse Rose Anderson, Ministry of Health

Nurse Rose Anderson, Ministry of Health: “We were able to visit all the stalls out there and encouraged the people to come out to get their vaccination. We also provide them with hand sanitizers and face masks and information about the COVID vaccine and why they should be able to get their vaccine. We know that people said that they want to make money but I told them that yes making money is good but then they need to come and get the vaccine. I believe that we need to do more walk ins out there and encourage them to come out and get their vaccination.”

Dr.Rene Godoy, Ministry of Health

Dr.Rene Godoy, Ministry of Health: “We are  undergoing the process of the vaccination campaign here at the Civic Center which we do from Tuesday to Friday 8 AM to 2 PM. We have seen an uptick in the persons coming to get vaccines and the target population is 18 and above. So we definitely have our work cut out for us as we see more people coming in to get their vaccines.”