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Ministry of Health Gears Up to Tackle the Possibility of the Delta Variant

The Ministry of Health is still waiting for results sent to Baylor University in March to determine if the Delta variant is in Belize. Experts believe that this is a high possibility; *Laboratory Director Geraldine Morazan explained. *

Geraldine Morazan, Laboratory Director, Ministry of Health and Wellness: “As we have seen how the virus is spreading and how rapidly it’s becoming more transmissible that gives us enough information to say that it’s a variant, the Delta one because the Delta one is more rapidly spread and infectious. However we’re not seeing a lot of patients being hospitalized or critically hospitalized and there are so many things that we need to consider. We have the population being vaccinated so then again that’s another layer of security that if the persons get the vaccine their bodies produce enough antibodies to fight this infection, the virus. So it could be that we’re not seeing a lot of people being hospitalized because their own bodies are fighting the infections due to the use of the rapid use of the vaccine. So that’s why it is important to educate the public on the emphasis that it is important to get vaccinated so that will help us contain the spreading and contain the chance of the virus to continue doing more mutations. Because right now we’re talking about four area of concern but that doesn’t stop there, as I said the virus continues to mutate and there’s another more worrisome classification which are the variants of high impact or high consequences and that means that if we give the chance for the virus to mutate and get to the point that our capacity of detecting it, it will evade our capacity to detect it by the time we can assume that we have a new virus it will be catastrophic because some people like what happened in China when that happened in 2019.”