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Ministry of Health Investigating COVID-19 Cluster at the San Ignacio Community Hospital

Tonight concerns are mounting after it was confirmed that a COVID-19 cluster was uncovered at the San Ignacio Community Hospital. Health and Wellness Minister, Michel Chebat confirmed that at least five healthcare frontline workers have tested positive for the virus. Our newsroom is told that the number might be higher as insiders are saying that at least nine persons including nurses and doctors have tested positive for COVID-19. Love News understands that the infected staff members are all vaccinated and are showing no signs or symptoms. One nurse told us that the hospital’s management instructed them to return to work despite being positive. It is an alarming report as it poses a great risk to the services that the hospital provides to the wider public. Here’s what the Health and Wellness Minister, Minister Chebat had to say about it.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “I don’t know where the exposure came from but let us recall that they are frontline workers and so this is part of the risk that they run every single day as they go out and do their work. I do know that we have five healthcare professionals from the San Ignacio Community Hospital who tested positive. I’m aware of that.”

Reporter: Now sir we’ve received report, we don’t know if there is any accuracy to it, that these same health staff that have tested positive are being asked to stay on to continue with their work because they’ve been vaccinated and that they’re asymptomatic. Do you know anything of such report ? 

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “That would be contrary to everything that the Ministry of Health and Wellness has been advocating for and so that I highly doubt that is the case.”

President of the Nurses Association of Belize, Darrell Spencer says he has been monitoring and following the situation.