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Ministry of Health Monitoring Two COVID-19 Clusters

Four additional COVID-19 cases were confirmed today by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. There are no COVID-19 deaths to report tonight and the number of active cases currently stands at sixty-three with one hundred and eight cases under investigation. The overall positivity rate stands at eleven point one percent. Increases have been recorded in the Belize District where tonight the Ministry of Health and Wellness is monitoring two COVID-19 clusters. Surveillance officer at the ministry, Lorna Perez, told the media today that contact tracing has commenced to cut the transmission and prevent further spread.

Lorna Perez, Surveillance Officer, Ministry of Health and Wellness: “Belize district has been experiencing a few clusters. For last week Belize district had twenty positive cases and these are as a result of some clusters- two separate clusters happening that they’re investigating and whilst you detect a case you do your contact tracing and in that process then you identify new cases too so that can stretch for a little while. Usually we try to cut the transmission within the first few days. Most of the cases started, were detected firstly in the work place and thereafter then you start to do your contact tracing because you can go as far back as during the Easter Weekend which is when we think some of that actually happened and with the enhanced surveillance and with the actual testing that is on going especially in the Belize district they have been able to identify these cases and then based on that then they contact investigation and then you try to cut the transmission as soon as possible. But for example we’re in Epi Week 19 right now, last week was Epi Week 18 and in Epi Week 17 they had twenty cases too and then last week in Epi Week 18 they had another twenty.”

One person has been hospitalized but not in the Intensive Care Unit. Perez says that the form of transmission is varies.

Lorna Perez, Surveillance Officer, Ministry of Health and Wellness: “It’s a mixture of mode of transmission. Firstly you find that once it gets in a home you will find more than one person in that family being infected. Then when they go to the workplace you find more than one person within the work setting also becoming infected and that’s why we are able to trace them using all those points of contact. But most of them as I said for some people the point of contact will be at work but it could be that the person who introduces it got infected in the family and maybe somebody in that family had been infected through a social gathering. So you know if you go full circle you will find those three types of contacts that will be happening.”

So far there has been three hundred and twenty three COVID-19 deaths.