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Ministry of Human Development Pay Homage to Fallen Colleague

Brenda Guerra, a mother of two, will not only be missed by her immediate family and friends. Her peers and colleagues at the Department of Human Development have set up an alter inside the offices in San Ignacio with a big black bow on the door. France Westby who worked closely with her said that there are certain things she will be remembered for including her bubbly personality.

CEO Tanya Santos, Ministry of Human Development: “We have already sent in counselors here today to be with the staff to discuss with them and have them talk out their feelings. We came here today, I’m here today with the staff to show support for them and we’ll be visiting with the family as well to show our support and lend a listening ear as well and we must always remember that social workers and people in this field of human development are also human  beings, they also go through the same emotions that everyone else does although we do have mechanisms of coping we do also experience the same life situations so we do also require the support when the time comes.”

Also speaking on the death of Guerra was the ministry’s CEO, Tanya Santos. According to Santos the ministry has begun offering counseling services to staff members in an effort to help in the grieving process.

France Westby, Community Rehabilitation Officer: “I’ve worked with her for over ten years since she came in the ministry. She’s a very fun, jovial – very big smile. She loved her tacos and her coke. Every morning we quarrel about that I say’ Ms.Brenda health is what’ – I put a big glass of water on her desk and she would say ‘Mr.Westby me have lata wata.’ I’d say but “What is the coke doing there ?” I’d say ‘Put some water in that coke.’ she’d say ‘No, no, no you’ll spoil it.’ She was one person that you loved to work with, that vibrant smile and she loved her TikTok. When she’d come I’d say ‘Ms.Brenda.’ I’d see her putting up the camera I’d say ‘Ms.Brenda what are you doing ?’ and she’d say ‘TikTok’. But for most of all I think that it’s a tremendous loss to our staff and the human development family on a whole.”