Ministry of Public Service Recognizes 104 Public Officers for Long Service

Ministry of Public Service Recognizes 104 Public Officers for Long Service

One hundred and four Public officers were awarded and recognized last night for their years of service.  The Ministry of Public Service hosted the 17th annual award ceremony at the San Ignacio Hotel, Cayo District, where men and women who served over twenty-five years were wined, dined and recognized.  Guest Speaker for the night was Attorney Glenfield Dennison, who currently serves as the Vice Chair of the People’s Constitution Commission (PCC).  In his twenty-minute address last night, Dennison spoke on the need for great leaders within the public service.

Glenfield Dennison, Guest Speaker: “Poor leadership on corruption. This is a difficult conversation, but we need to have it. The quality of leadership can make or break public officers. Good leaders, they don’t play politics. Politicians are paid to play politics. But you are public servants and public servants manage situations and projects. Now if you do this right you won’t have to manage the people. If you refuse to engage in the politics then you will be seen as honest and trustworthy and trust me there is no greater honor than your name being associated with being honest and trustworthy. Unfortunately, some people are poor leaders. I find that this is mainly because they don’t understand that people need purpose more than money. Minister, I’m not suggesting that public servants don’t need money because I know I do and I’m sure you guys do as well. For some it’s difficult to understand how demoralized some people are and certainly many public officers under poor leadership are demoralized. It’s really something to witness, constantly how people are dying for a lack of an encouraging word and how easy it is to provide if you are careful, if you give credit where credit is due and take responsibility when things go wrong. Your selfless service as a leader requires that you invest in making your team better than you. Trust them, get them the resources, the best resources that they need, and train them to take over from you. Because the truth is, the public service will outlive all of us.”

Dennison went on to speak on the topic of corruption.  He noted that corruption needs to be addressed both internally and externally.  He explained that when public officers engage in corruption, it prevents the public service from increasing salaries and benefits for everyone.

Glenfield Dennison, Guest Speaker: “The cure for corruption requires broad-based public participation. I know this is a hard pill to swallow, but it’s imperative that we as public officers come up with monitoring and oversight tools because fighting corruption has to be a collective action. The challenge here is accepting that there are no shades of integrity, you either have it or you don’t This will depend heavily on the integrity of the public. of each public officer. The challenge here is accepting that there are no shades of integrity. You either have it or you don’t.  Remember, the time to fight for your country has to be before you lose it. That time is now. Remember earlier I mentioned that some people are dying for lack of encouragement? There are people who are barely holding it together, barely. If you don’t  believe me ask around the office, the 13th, 14th, and 15th of June that just went. Those people are each of us. Perhaps not now, maybe you are in a good place, but perhaps a past version of you, or a future version of you. You see, public officers, we, we’re humans. And we don’t always have it together. But the best part is, it’s perfectly okay to not be okay. This is why it’s critical that while we celebrate the value and virtue of public officers that we all do some introspection, some soul searching. Because knowing when and where you’re stuck and asking for help is one of the strongest and most powerful decisions you will ever make.”

The awardees were presented with plaques and certificates by Her Excellency, Dame Froyla Tzalam.

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