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Ministry of Rural Transformation Upgrading Water Systems in Villages Across the Country

The Ministry of Rural Transformation and Community Development is conducting a nationwide overhaul of water systems in rural communities. The aim is to upgrade and repair existing rudimentary water systems to provide clean potable water to residents in remote villages. Chief Executive Officer, Valentino Shal, says that while the systems are down their ministry is delivering water to affected residents.

Valentino Shal, CEO in the Ministry of Rural Transformation: Well with the onset of the dry season, we have several, um, the water table for several water systems go low during this time of the year and sometimes you have water systems unable to provide water and so we are in the process of servicing a lot of these systems. Of course these things should have been done a long time ago and we’re now, we have a plan of action that we’re putting in place to service systems throughout the country and while we’re serving the systems and making sure that they can deliver water to the people at a regular basis when there is no water and we mobilise our trucks to deliver water to people and we make sure that they are not out of water because of course having water in this heat is very important and of course important for their daily household needs. No?”

Shal added that his ministry’s goal is to constantly upkeep the systems to ensure they do not reach a point beyond repair.

Valentino Shal, CEO in the Ministry of Rural Transformation: “We have a very big push to service these systems before they become problematic and so that’s ongoing. Currently we are in the Stann Creek District. We were in Silk Grass Maya Centre looking at those systems and then we keep with Pomona as well and Hope Creek as well and so this is an ongoing effort. We want to make sure that the people have water on a continuous basis. No? And so that they’re not out of water but I like to encourage the water board chairpersons or the village councils chairpersons that if they have any water issue, please contact the rural development officer in their district right away. Don’t wait several days before making contact. If you need water please contact our offices. They are right there in the districts and we will definitely come out to make sure that the people get the water they need.”