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Ministry of the Blue Economy Adopts Sea Shore Park

The Ministry of the Blue Economy and Civil Aviation has adopted the Seashore Park in Belize City. The park is located directly in front of the ministry’s headquarters and is home to one of the Belize signs in the city. Today, Chief Executive Officer, Kennedy Carrillo spoke to our newsroom about the decision to adopt the park and other efforts being made by other agencies like Oceana and the World Wildlife Fund.

Kennedy Carrillo, CEO, Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation: “For us at the ministry we were very happy to have had an activity for young people here in the park. The seashore park which actually is the Blue Economy and Civil Aviation Seashore Park is being adopted, we’ve received the permission of the Belize City Council to do this and so we had the launching of what we c all the Belize Barrier Reef Brand with WWF. And so that was our activity and we od know yes that Oceana was also engaged in an activity of their own with us and with the Fisheries Department because it’s very important that we recognize the importance of technology in tracking vessels, in tracking many of the activities that the fishers are engaged in. We know that in our waters there is so much richness that we can take advantage of but we also must protect it and technology helps us to be able to control in terms of having the data as it relates to what exactly do we have out there, what exactly are the fisher doing out there and how is this going to impact the sustainability of fisheries?”

Carrillo added that this is their contribution in helping to beautify the city’s aesthetics.