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Ministry of Transport Welcomes Two Luxury Buses for Southern Runs

Two fuel efficient buses were officially introduced into Belize by the Ministry of Transport. A special presentation was made with the support of Transport Minister, Rodwell Ferguson Senior and his colleague, Minister Oscar Requena. According to Ferguson the other local bus lines need to get in line and move forward in the public transportation sector.

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Transport: “I have a very young staff and I put them to the test and they took up the challenge so Florelia is here to stay this is the beginning and I believe there will be expansion across the country and we are trying to give the consumer or the commuter the best ride possible especially from point A to point B. Imagine you leave from Punta Gorda to Belize City on a bus travelling and they have a few stops in Independence, Dangriga and Belmopan but the ride must be comfortable. So we want to challenge other bus operators they will have to go suit if that is the way the country is going to try improve our transportation industry. So I feel very comfortable, I want to congratulate the young men who came up with the initiative and the idea. I hope that they did their figures right to be able to know down the road it should become profitable. Because the buses are 2022 there should be not much repairs within the next ten years so they should be able to recover their expenses in ten years. And I want to commit to all transport providers that the Ministry will now move away from the two year permit to give them more time to pay back for their buses maybe eight or ten years, that is the beginning of the transformation. To be very frank a the minister responsible there is too many small operators across this  country and we will have to do something where they can come together to figure out how they can make their runs profitable. Too many runs at the same time with no passengers. So I’m hoping that they get the sense that this is the way forward. I think about two weeks ago we had meeting with most of the major operators and we told them that I went on Jules’s show and I commit that by June 2022 there should be some significant change so we get the message already.”

The buses will be operating from the south.