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Minor Admits to Injuring Chee; No Charges Rendered

On Monday we told you that a minor was in police custody after it was alleged that he had beaten 22-year-old, Trevaun Chee on Friday afternoon.  Love News has been reliably informed that the minor was released and no charges were laid against him.  Chee’s mother was notified by the police this morning of the development in the case and was told that the Director of Public Prosecutions does not believe that there is a strong case against the minor and that the lack of witnesses coming forward will pose an issue for the prosecution.  In consulting with the DPP, however, she indicated to us that the minor had given a statement in which he was alleging that he had been attacked and that the police have not sent any evidence to prove otherwise.  She has since ordered the police to continue their investigations.  Chee was heading to the store at around two o’clock last Friday afternoon when an altercation ensued with the minor resulting in Chee’s injuries to the upper body.  The autopsy which was conducted on Monday shows that Chee died of acute pulmonary edema, massive brain haemorrhage due to blunt force trauma; in other words, he sustained injuries to the skull which led to his demise.  According to a police investigator, the case is not closed and they are still hoping that eyewitnesses would come forward to help the investigation forward.  Chee died on Sunday, July 23 and will be laid to rest tomorrow.