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Minor and 22-year-old charged for the murder of Sean Menzies

A minor will be charged in relation to the murder of former Salesman Sean Menzies. Menzies was shot and killed on Lancaster street in Belize City last Wednesday. The charge of abetment to commit murder for 22-year-old Jeffery Contreras will also be upgraded to murder in relation to this same incident. COMPOL Williams told the media that gun toddlers are the ones committing these crimes.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “In respect to the murder of Mr.Menzies we now have the other suspect in custody who happens to be a 16-year-old. These are the people who people would normally say “Lef mi pickni lone.” right ? and that 16-year-old is expected to be charged today with murder along with another individual who has been charged for abetment before; that person’s charge will be upgraded to murder as well. As well as when it comes to the shooting at Mr.Charles Young yesterday one of the suspects is also a minor 15-years-old so you see the type of persons that we’re dealing with – children. I would normally refer to them as “Gun toddlers”.”