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Minor arrested for not wearing a mask

A 14-year-old girl was arrested and detained for not wearing her mask on August 7. The minor was reportedly buying sweets from a store across the street from her grandmother’s house when she was approached by two officers.

A 14-year-old girl was arrested and detained for not wearing her mask on August 7. The minor was reportedly buying sweets from a store across the street from her grandmother’s house when she was approached by two officers. One of the officers, an Inspector, reportedly cursed at her several times before taking her to the police station, along with another teenage boy who was detained for the same charge. The shopkeeper, Norris Meighan, witnessed the entire incident and spoke to Love News.

Norris Meighan, Witness: “I saw a patrol vehicle pull up in front of my business. Two children, a young lady and a young man from right next door were buying candy. The WPC came out and was about to question them or advise them when the inspector on the vehicle came out and started using obscene language to them and he was doing it over and over and I drew it to his attention. I told him that he’s disrespecting his uniform. I even drew to his attention that these were children and he told me that he would take me too and I replied to him that they should have sent him to Vietnam because of his act the way he’s conducting himself. He was conducting himself very arrogantly and the young lady brought tears to her eyes. I stood here in astonishment because well the WPC couldn’t do anything she was under his command. Even when they were putting the children in the vehicle he was cursing them, obscene language in his uniform and I told him I said “This is unnecessary you have to be reasonable when dealing with children.” and he continued cursing them and told me he doesn’t care.”

The boy was able to pay a fine, but the girl’s grandmother needed to meet bail of nine hundred dollars to take her home. Additionally, the girl was called into court yesterday, where she pleaded guilty and was detained. Again, her grandmother needed to pay an additional $500 to bail her out. The grandmother, Hazel King, spoke to Love News and stated that she does not know what will happen to her granddaughter. She also believes the punishment is excessive for simply not wearing a mask.

Hazel King, Grandmother: “I went to court yesterday. They have down Magistrate’s court on the paper so when I went there I stood up there about a quarter to twelve yesterday and I said “They don’t have our name.” They said they don’t have your name here. So they said “Grans lets go” I said “I have to find out.” One of my family members came and asked what I was doing there and I told them I was waiting for them to take Mia to court. They said well you don’t belong here you belong at family court. So we went over to family court and we were there and I went downstairs and the police said “Well you’ll be attended to directly.” He said Magistrate Smith, that was the name of the lady so he said you just have to wait until she comes out of meeting. We went inside the court and everything and they questioned her and they asked her her name and they asked her what school she was going to and when they were done they read the charges to her on the paper and they asked her if she understood and she told them “Yes I understand what you said.” They said “You plead guilty or not?” So she said she plead guilty. She said back to her Well if you plead guilty we will do the human rights people that deal with children they will grant her this if she said she would do the community service what they will put her to do they won’t have any record for her. So I said what do you mean? They said she plead guilty so if she doesn’t do it they will have her on record and have her marked down as – I said but this is a mask thing I don’t see what she did and this is a mask. This is saying your court date is set for September 17th until they sentence her, I said sentence her for what ? They said well you have to go back to bail her because they will lock her down in the cell and you’ll have to go back. I said go back to do what ? What did the little girl do for me to go back and bail her?”

The minor is due back in court on September 7.  We will keep following this story.