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Minor Chopped in Family Dispute Out West

Meanwhile, a sixteen-year-old from Cotton Tree Village, Cayo is being treated after being chopped. The minor’s injury follows a family dispute that occurred sometime after seven-thirty last night in the village. Our newsroom understands that the teen who has been identified as Rokin Martinez was on his way home when he was attacked by several of his family members. His aunt, Albertina Galdano spoke to Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz about the incident.

Albertina Galindo, Aunt: Here at my mom’s house when I was going I was going back to my house when they called me and they told me that my nephew got chopped and so we turned back to come here with my mother to see what happened and they said that they took him to the hospital so he rushed to the hospital to go see him.”

Reporter: What was told to you by your mom said that your nephew told you that someone or three persons wanted to chop him or kill him or something like that?

Albertina Galindo, Aunt: Yes well my mom told me that my nephew told her that if anything happened to him he said it’s not going to be nobody else, it will be ___________ because they’re threatening him that they will kill him.”

Reporter: Until last night.

Albertina Galindo, Aunt: Until last night when they chopped him. They are family and we don’t want problems. We don’t want any problems. We’re in the same family so we don’t want any kind of problem I made police get involved to it.”