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Minor Drowns in Rural Pond

Police are looking into the circumstances that led to a minor drowning in a pond in Biscayne Village.  According to reports, the police were summoned to the area just before four o’clock yesterday evening to miles twenty four and a quarter on the Philip Goldson Highway.  Upon their arrival, they encountered the body of a female minor on the banks of a pond.  A statement made by the minor’s grandmother, 55-year-old, Jennifer Moguel, says that the child was at home when the school bus arrived around three forty five and the child, 8-year-old, Kimera Dominguez ran out the house to greet her cousins who were coming off the school bus.  On her way to the bus stop, the child had to pass a man made pond and it is suspected that she may have fell in the pond and drowned.  The child was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and was unable to swim.  She was extracted from the pond by her cousins who had performed CPR on her but to no avail.  The child was taken to the KHMH where she was pronounced dead on arrival.  A post mortem examination is scheduled for today.