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Minor Left Paralyzed After Being Shot inside his Home

The family of fifteen-year-old Trayson Gibson, the minor who was shot inside his home on Tuesday night in Mahogany Heights Village, is pleading for assistance to pay for his medical expenses. Yesterday, the teen underwent surgery to remove a bullet that was lodged in his spine and according to his mother, Porsha Arnold, the possibility that the second form student will be paralyzed is high. Arnold says her son’s best hope of ever walking again is to now seek medical attention outside of the country. The attack on Gibson’s life comes less than a week after a man was killed a stone’s throw away in Mahogany Heights Village. A situation that Minister Henry Charles Usher says can only be properly addressed by attacking the root causes of crime.

Henry Charles-Usher, Minister of Public Service: “Crime is a social ill, Vejea, and it requires the collective effort of the entire country to try to address it. It’s certainly not the responsibility of one minister or one ministry. All ministries, the Cabinet has to come together to come up with solutions as to how we can deal with this social ill. We have to look at, you know, and it can’t just be about talking. It can’t just be about lecturing. It has to be about giving real solutions, economic solutions, to these persons that are in these positions because I think it’s, as you said, it’s spreading to the rural areas and it’s something that we will continue to have to face. We will have to continue to have to deal with but I believe it starts at very young. We implement the necessary social programs from a very young age so that these persons have alternatives to that life of crime.”

If you are willing and able to assist Gibson’s family they can be reached at six-six-three-four-one-five-four.