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Minor Murdered in Independence

16-year-old David Chinchilla Junior of Independence Village was fatally stabbed last night. Correspondent Harry Arzu reports.


“A fatal stabbing incident that occurred in Independence Village last night has claimed the life of a minor. Independence police say that sometime around 8:15 last night they visited the polyclinic in the area and observed the body of a male person lying in the pan of a pickup truck apparently dead. Initial police investigation revealed that a 16 year old minor, his brother and a friend were sitting outside of their yard when 18 year old Cheston Arzu approached them wanting to borrow a horse that was grazing in front of their yard. Because Arzu was not given the permission to borrow the horse he walked behind the minor and placed him under a choke hold and inflicted the fatal stab wound to his chest. Arzu is now in police custody pending their investigation and is expected that he will be charged for murder.”