Minor murdered in Roaring Creek; his cousin escapes death

Minor murdered in Roaring Creek; his cousin escapes death

Yesterday, gun violence in the Cayo District claimed the life of a minor and left another hospitalized. The victims, 15-year-old Dane Matute Junior and 15-year-old Kaylen Wade, were socializing when they were targeted and ambushed by a lone gunman. The teens were rushed to the hospital where Matute, unfortunately, lost his life. The incident, which is believed to be gang-related, has left the quiet community mourning and in a state of shock. Vejea Alvarez tells us more. 

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: It was to be a day of swimming and relaxing but for 16-year-old Dane Matute Junior and 15-year-old Kaylen Wade it quickly turned into a nightmare when the minors were targeted on Wednesday afternoon. Around 1 o’clock, the duo and a group of friends were socializing on the banks of the river in the Fall area of Roaring Creek Village. The unsuspecting teens were sitting on a flight of stairs when a lone gunman hiding in nearby bushes unleashed a barrage of bullets at them. 17-year-old, Nyah Gentle, Matute’s cousin says that she was swimming a stone’s throw away when she heard the shots and rushed over and saw Matute bleeding profusely. 

Nyah Gentle, Matute’s Cousin:: “He told me to tell my friend that we should go by the steps where Dane was and I said I would wait after a while and I would ask. So after a while I heard the first gunshot then I jumped then I heard five others and I told my friend “You hear that ?” and she said yes and I looked by the step where Dane and the rest of boys where and they started looking around in the bush and they went and that’s when they noticed that Dane got shot that’s why they ran up the step and my friend told me “Your cousin got shot.” I said “No.” and then she said “Yes look at his side.” and by the time I looked on the side I saw blood.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Police are yet to establish a motive behind the daylight murder and are yet to identify any suspects. According to Matute’s family, the former second form student at Belmopan Comprehensive High School did not have any enemies. But, Gentle, says that moments before he passed away Matute was fighting hard to relay a message.

Nyah Gentle, Matute’s Cousin: “I ran up the stream and I ran up the step I don’t know how I made up the stream that fast but I ran and I helped them carry my cousin up and I asked Dane I told Dane “Please stay with me.” I told him “Please don’t go anywhere.” I talked to him, I put his head up so he could have – and I told him “Stay with me please.” and then a young man went and hollered for his mom for her to carry Dane to the hospital and she couldn’t so my step father ended up driving and took him with my cousin in the car while Dane didn’t make it to the hospital and he died. He was trying to tell me something but he couldn’t. He was trying to talk to me I told him “Please stay” and he was breathing hard and he wanted to tell me something but he couldn’t.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Matute’s family has been left in shock and are now hoping that their loved one’s killer or killers are swiftly brought to justice. Gentle described her cousin as a loving soul who loved nothing more than swimming at the very place he lost his life. 

Nyah Gentle, Matute’s Cousin: “We’re always at the creek. He’d always say -my nickname is “Third” and he always said “Third let’s go to the creek.” and I would say but it’s too early he’d say he doesn’t care he just wants to go swim and we always had our best times at the creek because we were always there swimming and chilling and he’d always tell me what’s right from wrong. Dane was always a sweet person and me and him were very close. We had a bond that could never be broken.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Thus far, unconfirmed reports indicate that the shooting may have been gang-related. Police in the village remain on high alert and working to restore peace in the community in the wake of this tragedy. Vejea Alvarez, Love News.

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