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Minor relief expected for ongoing heat

The rainy season is upon us and you probably are looking forward to the showers to cool down the excessive heat that is being felt across the country. But, we suggest to keep those fans plugged in and running because, according to the men and women at the National Meteorological Service of Belize, the rainy season is not set to bring us much relief from the sweltering heat. One of the products provided by the Met Service is the temperature forecast. Climatologist Ronald Gordon says that is showing a very minimal decrease in the heat being experienced.

Ronald Gordon, Climatologist, National Meteorological Service: “As we mentioned, one of our products is producing the Monthly Temperature Forecast and it’s very important to us because we have different stake holders in Agriculture and Tourism who want to know how hot it is going to be and it will be useful for their sector so yes it is actually hot and as I mention the projection is showing a little lower than normal but it doesn’t mean it is going to be cool. Let me put it this way if you are looking at 35 degrees Celsius and you have 34.5, that’s not much of a relief so when I say cooler than normal it doesn’t mean it is going to be a lot cooler than normal.

Reporter: And you are talking about the wet season and not necessarily the dry season.

Ronald Gordon, Climatologist, National Meteorological Service: Yes we are currently speaking about the, well acutely our wet season is starting now so we are speaking of the wet season which June through to November and we are looking at temperatures just a bit below normal.”

These conditions are expected to continue according to Gordon. He says temperatures have been increasing gradually over the past decades.

Ronald Gordon, Climatologist, National Meteorological Service:You will see that our temperatures have been increasing significantly especially at night time over the past 60 years or so of data that we have collected. You mentioned the rainy season, I mention that the forecast for the rainy season is below normal especially in the begging so even though it’s going to be a bit rainy, there are many days it is going to be sunny and the heat is going to come in so it’s not going to be all that cool after all.”

Dalilah Ical: So within the 60 years, would you be able to safely say that there is a big difference or medium, how would you classify the changes?

Ronald Gordon, Climatologist, National Meteorological Service:  “Okay the trend is that the temperature are increasing, we have seen maybe a 1 degree increase from over the past several years of data that I mentioned. The trend is for an increase, I must mention here also there is a thing called climate variability so upon that Natural increase that is due to climate change you’ll have variability, there will be years it will be a bit and there will be years where it will be higher but the trend in general is for an increase in temperature over these years.”

Dalilah Ical: And this is expected to continue that way?

Ronald Gordon, Climatologist, National Meteorological Service: “Well based on most of the projections from the climate models which look at climate share scenario, it’s going to continue.”

Gordon says this is a global trend.