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Minor shot while socializing

A 17-year-old minor is lucky to be alive and in stable condition as he was shot at close range.  Norman Hauzle was around the corner from his home socializing with friends when someone came into the yard and hit him with a weapon. The police say the impact of the assault triggered the gun and shot Hauzle.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: Ladyville police visited 219 Partridge St where upon arrival they visited inside of  a house where they observed  a male person known a Norman Haulze of that same address suffering from two apparent gunshot wounds to the lower and upper side of his back. Initial information is that Mister Norman Haulze along with a group of male persons were inside of the yard when they were approached by a male person of dark complexion who came and asked about an individual and if he was there. Shortly after an argument ensued between both of the male persons where the suspect hit Mr. Haulze in the back with a firearm which discharged hitting him to the back and causing the injuries to him. He is still admitted in a stable condition at the Hospital.”

Jose Sanchez: “Is Mr. Haulze cooperating with the Police?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: He has mentioned certain things to the Police and that is what we are working on at this moment.”