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Minor who was Shot and Paralyzed Needs Assistance

Back in May 2019, eleven-year-old Kyron Green was caught by a stray bullet that damaged his spine and left him confined to a wheelchair. Since that incident, he has made great strides in regaining his mobility, something that doctors in Belize said was impossible. Now, the high school student needs to return to the US for another round of medical treatment and is seeking the public’s assistance. Vejea Alvarez reports.

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Here is 13-year-old Kyron Green a boy who once lived a normal life struggling to take steps after the gift of his mobility was taken away by the hands of a senseless gunman. When Kyron was 11 years old he was shot inside a store on Central American Boulevard and left fighting for his life. The young boy was left paralyzed from the neck down and since then his life has been filled with ups and downs and countless trips to the hospital for medical treatment and therapy. His mother 48-year-old Marsha Belisle says that through assistance from the World Pediatric Project and Shriners Hospital for Children Kayron is being offered medical treatment in the US but needs financial help to do so. 

Marsha Belisle, Kyron’s Mother

Marsha Belisle, Kyron’s Mother: “While our trip is with World Pediatric Project and Shriners Hospital some expense fall on our side whereby we have to find the money to pay for our luggage, to take out our visas, with this new COVID thing now we have to find a hotel to be quarantined for seven days and whereby those expenses fall on my side and find food for our time over that side. So I had been doing some fundraising before and we try to pay what we could pay, use it to cover his expenses for therapy, food, pampers, anything that requires help for my son and my family because every since the incident happened my business has been closed down it’s been really hard for me but I don’t give up. I continue my fight, I continue do what I can do on my own. So now this came up with Kayron and he has to travel and this expense for the hotel is a strain on me. I called now to the media to help me to see if I could come up with that money to help us to make this trip successful for my son.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Kyron needs about $5,000 for the trip but so far Belisle has only been able to garner support from Area Representative Gilroy Usher who pledged $500. Belisle says that she has been doing fundraising but Kayron’s every day needs are quite costly and they need to act on this opportunity very quickly. 

Marsha Belisle, Kyron’s Mother: “I am actually waiting on World Pediatric they will tell me what next to do you know ? They just said that I need to get these ready. So what is holding back is they will purchase the ticket and then with that they will give us a date but I want to be ready with my part of the funds so that when they’re ready I am ready and so that the trip can carry on through because we were supposed to already left with a schedule that was sent to us first but a slight delay came in and other stuff and one of them was because of this situation with this hotel I need to find somewhere for us to stay for that seven day period. I did some fundraising but as is my money that I receive goes on him, most of it goes on him, taking care of his expenses. We used to pay for therapies and food, anything that he needs and now we don’t have it like that so money can’t really stay in my hand because he needs pampers and we have to change him, it’s like a baby you know ? Medication, pampers, food, anything to take care of him and my other children I have other kids too as well so I am the mother and the father in this home so I have to make my stand and do what I could do to survive with my family.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: While it is not likely Belisle hopes that someday her son will be able to walk on his own but for now she has to wait and see what the doctors say. 

Marsha Belisle, Kyron’s Mother: “When he goes back to Shriners what they will do they had said that they will check his body to see the function of his spinal cord, his kidneys and they will tell me from there what next to do and hopefully everything is in order that just continuously six months treatment every time we go back for a follow up and then they will check all of his splints that the has. He came fully equipped with body brace to help him secure his spinal cord so he will sit up straight so it won’t cause maybe scoliosis or anything other than what he already has. The splints for his hands if you notice how his hands are all of these I work these out on my own because I do not take him to therapy again because of the finance, transportation and everything like that and stuff like that. All the money we receive I have to stretch it and make sure that I do the right thing and for me taking care of my son is the most important thing right now for me.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: The hopeful mother says she has been faced with many uphill battles but she will continue to persevere with the grace of God.

Marsha Belisle, Kyron’s Mother: “I have to say thank God to Shriners. They have taught me a lot how to take care of my son because before we had spent a lot of money hiring nurses it’s like over $700 a week to take care of him. I thank God I know what to do, how to do it but as is I have other children and I have to get up and fight every day to survive in this life, to provide food mainly for them, to take care of him and then school has opened so everything is a struggle that I continue to fight and not give up.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: In a rare occurrence young Kyron also wanted to express his gratitude to the persons that will be contributing to his trip.

Kyron Green

Kyron Green: “I just want to say thanks for everything.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: You’re excited to go back to school ?

Kyron Green: “Yes sir.” 

Reporter: How about the work that your mom is doing with you ? 

Kyron Green: “It’s good. She does everything that she can do.”

Reporter: What keeps that smile on your face ?

Kyron Green: “I don’t know.”

Reporter: You just know that you have to keep going right.

Kyron Green: “Yes ma’am.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Belisle says she also need a blender to make special protein drinks for Kyron to cater for his special dietary needs. Belisle also doesn’t have a working cellphone but she can be contacted through Facebook.