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Minors rob $16 from Tortilla Factory

Perhaps the most daring daylight and foolish robbery of the day involved minors and a toy gun. Three youths actually held up the tortilla factory on C Street, near the offices of CBC Cable Company. The police said the boys almost escaped with sixteen dollars and a cell phone.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB: “The other robbery incident happened hours after. This happened at the Cortez Tortilla Factory which is located at #7 C Street Belize City. Sometime in the evening Ms.Morin Linfesta a 47 year old Belizean cashier while she was behind the counter of the tortilla factory two male persons jumped the counter and demanded that she hand over the day’s sales. One was armed with a knife and the other one was armed with what appeared to be a firearm. Fearing for her life she handed over the cash register, her cellphone. The register contained $16.40 and her cellphone is valued at $850. The two male persons then made good their escape. Quick police response in the area led to the detention of three minors and also a taxi was intercepted in the immediate area. When police conducted a search and inside the taxi and they found an imitation firearm suspected to be used for the robbery. Also a cellphone and the cash register were found just a couple of yards from the robbery scene.”