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Miss Earth Belize Appears Exclusively on Love News

25-year-old Punta Gorda Town advocate, businesswoman and author, Destiny Wagner is marking her first week as Miss Earth 2021. Her history-making win happened last weekend in a virtual pageant, which had eighty-eighty other competitors. Wagner, in her first televised interview with any Belizean media, spoke during Love’s “The Morning Show” today about her victory and what it means for her and the country.

Destiny Wagner, Miss Earth 2021: “We visited several different hotels who accommodated us, my makeup artist Belizean, my hair stylist was Belizean, the production team, everything was Belizean.”

Ernesto Vasquez, Host, The Morning Show: Well that’s good. It’s a good win like that everything was made in Belize. 

Thamar Jones, Host, The Morning Show: So I know this is not your first pageant, it’s not your first win. I mean it is the first one of this magnitude but every pageant is a little bit different because each title represents something different. Talk to us about this one and what it represents and what it means to you.

Destiny Wagner, Miss Earth 2021: “So this pageant focuses on environmental advocacies so it’s for beauty ambassadors but who are also passionate about our earth and our country and our planet. So this was an easy competition for me to go into because I already had my advocacy which has been super strong which is marine conservation and sustainability. I do have a non profit organization in Punta Gorda so I was able to spread awareness about that as well as the water sports that were happening in Belize and this pageant I think is so special to me and special to Belize because it did allow us to get our first international crown.”

Wagner is only the second black woman to win the pageant in its 21-year-history. Her homecoming is being planned and Miss Earth Belize says that details should come no later than the month’s end.