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Belize is looking to take part in the Miss Scuba International pageant.  It is new to Belize and is being led by former Mayor, Zenaida Moya.

Sitnah Blease: “Several young Belizean women are currently preparing to represent Belize on the national level of pageantry in countries such as the Philippines, Bolivia or Thailand. The recent addition to that list is 18 year old Jaswani Haul. She has been selected as Miss Scuba Belize and is due to represent her country at this years Miss Scuba International pageant and Quota Kinabalu Malaysia on November 17th. The National Director for Miss Scuba Belize, Zenaida Moya expressed that Belize was chosen to take part in the pageant to advocate for the serene aqua marine waters that our country has to offer.

Zenaida Moya: “What they want is to ensure the Marine conservation is promoted throughout the world. Belize is one of the main countries indeed, you know all of the wonders we have and however Belize was no represented and they felt that you know what we need to have Belize represented.

Sitnah Blease: As Moya shared how the Ms. Scuba Belize Ambassador was selected to represent at the world stage. Haul is expressed how honored she is to host as Belize’s natural beauty.

Zenaida Moya: “She was chosen, we had the website, we had our facebook page and we asked around also. Persons applied, we did have different person applying and it had to be short listed as to who met the qualifications. Two of the qualifications had to be that you can swim, there is a certain distance you know how to swim, you also have to know how to Scuba dive so you have to be a certified Scuba diver. Jaswani was the only one who met all the certifications.”

Jaswani Haul: “ Well so far my thoughts are to promote my country and its beautiful thing that it has, many of us has not explored about it but I can say that this weekend was my first weekend that I went diving and it was really challenging for me but I got there and it was so amazing under the water, it’s like a different world for me.”

Sitnah Blease: Jaswani Haul was selected to represent Belize without a formal pageant, a decision what Moya says of the six other participants not meeting specific requirements. Reporting for Love News I am Sitnah Blease.

Miss Scuba Belize was first held in 2011 and will be held in Malaysia next month.