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Miss Universe Belize Pageant promises to be bigger and better than ever

The 2019 Miss Universe Belize delegates are set to take the stage on Friday night to vie for the much coveted crown. The winner will compete internationally at the Miss Universe pageant in Seoul, South Korea in December 2019. Today, the National Director of the Miss Universe Belize pageant, Romeo Escobar, told us how this year’s pageant will be different than those of previous years.

Romeo Escobar, National Director, Miss Universe Belize: “I think last year we proved ourselves of what we could do. I think this years everythings bigger. You know we have a bigger venue, we are at the Civic this year on Friday and we have more sponsors this year, we definitely had a larger group of interested young ladies to come out and try out to be in the Miss Universe Belize pageant so everything is bigger and better I would say. We’re gonna do some similar things that we did last year. We’re training her obviously here but we’re also taking her abroad to Los Angeles and we’re training her there with former Miss USA’s and pageant coaches that will prepare her for that Miss Universe Stage. The good thing is that now we have one Queen under our belt Miss Jenelli Fraser Miss Universe Belize 2018 who she herself has been on that stage and she can help our new queen prepare and advise her on what to expect, what not to do and what it’s going to be like competing at Miss Universe so that’s the advantage we have this year.”
Reporter: What was it do you think about Jenelli that made her get so far?
Romeo Escobar, National Director, Miss Universe Belize: “I think from day one she was confident and I think thats what makes any young lady stand out in this competition, is her confident it will take her a long way and that’s what pushed Jenelli all the way to the end. One thing that definitely proves to me that we are going in the right direction is the international attention we’re getting. We don’t only get messages on our social media from here in Belize but from all over the world we have people following us and interested in our contestants from Thailand from Columbia, from the Philippines, from the US so that lets us know that the world is watching and that speaks volumes.”

The pageant will take place at the Belize Civic Center at 8:30pm, however, the doors will be opened from 7:30pm. Tickets are still available for purchase at any Pink Boutique and at the ticket booths at the Civic Center.