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Miss Universe Belize Preps for the Big Stage

The 69th Miss Universe Competition is two weeks away, but Miss Universe Belize, Iris Salguero is already making her final preparations. The beauty queen arrived in the city this afternoon, as she prepares to compete on the big stage in Hollywood, Florida on May sixteen. Love News spoke to Salguero about her preparations before she leaves for Miami tomorrow.

Iris Salguero, Miss Universe Belize 2021

Iris Salguero, Miss Universe Belize 2021:This is a dream come true. It’s a goal that I have set for myself from the past five years and so I’ve been working very hard and I just hope to make all my Belizeans proud. As I said it’s a dream come true, it’s such a great opportunity and it’s an honor to wear my country’s name across my heart. From day one we started training with my catwalk coach Rafael Pimentel and we’ve been fine tuning to finally perfecting the walk and we’re still gonna keep practicing just to make sure that it’s precise on that stage and I’ve also been doing private drilling sessions with my speech coach Christian Bradford that has experience with past Miss Universes USA.”

We also asked Salguero about some of the flak she received from the public about her national costume.

Iris Salguero, Miss Universe Belize 2021: “Well you know I respect that everybody’s entitled to their own opinion I’ll take it as constructive criticism but I’m also focusing on what I can do with the funds that I have. Everybody is suffering through COVID, everybody has been impacted by it and so I’m just grateful to at least have a national costume to have been able to have great designers that did the best that they possibly could with the resources that they have. So I’m grateful and I’m also very grateful and appreciative of the fact that the costume does have meaning to it, it’s all about paying attention to the description that we gave. We did some alterations because of course we want our fellow Belizeans to be happy as well. We can’t satisfy everybody but we’re doing our best to comply and so we’re going to wait until the final night, the costume competition actually, to reveal the new and improved costume.”

Salguero also told our newsroom that her evening gown’s theme is centered on the ocean. If the public would like to show their support, they can do so by following Salguero on Instagram and Facebook. Sponsorship is always welcome.