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Missing Cheque Leaves from BEST Cashed Out

Earlier today we told you of monies that went missing from the Belize Enterprise for Sustainable Technology (BEST).  It turns out that monies are missing, the question tonight, however, is from where?  Six cheque leaves had gone missing from a cheque book for BEST and three of them were reportedly cashed at Heritage Bank branches in Belize City and Orange Walk.  What the authorities are currently trying to find out is who stole the cheque leaves and who forged the signatures on the cheque.  According to Dennis Jones of BEST, they had informed the bank of the missing cheque leaves but despite that, Love News has learnt that four of the cheques dated in June and July were cashed to a total of an estimated thirty one thousand dollars.  Investigators had detained a couple and one young man since yesterday but up to news time this evening, no charges were laid against them.  While the police are investigating the matter, an internal investigation has since been opened at BEST.