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Missing Corozal Man Found Dead

The body of a resident of Sosa Layout in Corozal Town was found bearing multiple stab wounds to the body. It was just after eight this morning that Police made the discovery in Xaibe Village, Corozal District. Senior Reporter, Hipolito Novelo has the story.

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: Concerns quickly grew when this post went up on Facebook. The sister of thirty-three-year-old Lucas Roberto Hoare desperately asking the public to help the family locate him. This is after he was last seen at his home in the Sosa Layout Area of Corozal Town on Sunday evening at around 6:30. Police report that Hoare’s brother Phillip McCauley heard someone at Hoare’s house. He went to check but when he saw Hoare’s double cab Isuzu Pickup in front of the house he thought nothing of it. However, the following morning the pickup truck was gone and so was Hoare. As the day progressed the family’s worries grew when they found his vehicle burnt in a cane field in Xaibe Village. Their worst nightmare became reality when Hoare’s body was found near the burnt vehicle. He had been stabbed multiple times. His sister wrote on Facebook  “We have found my brother they killed him. But god doesn’t sleep!”  But sleep on Hoare will do and missed he will be. He joined the People’s Diabetes Foundation in January 2019 under the leadership of Judith Mendez. 

Judith Mendez, President, People’s Diabetes Foundation: “He immediately became the office manager. He was very skilled because he worked with his dad so he had business skills and knew how to run an office and so he ended up running our office and also his dad lived with diabetes so he was very passionate about that part of being an advocate for that and very much did a lot for our office in terms of bringing our mission and vision to life here.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: Unfortunately, his life was taken by someone he knew. Police have yet to say if suspects have been identified, if anyone has been arrested or if a motive has been established. His family as the Foundation found it odd that he didn’t report for work on Monday. 

Judith Mendez, President, People’s Diabetes Foundation: “When he didn’t show up at eight o’clock I was really shocked and then as the day kept going a couple hours or so after we kept being concerned because as the office manager he also had the office phone and it’s definitely not like him to do that. So as the day progressed we got more and more concerned and then we reached out to the family and that’s when we pretty much started the search and it’s not until last night till we heard about them finding the pickup truck which after that you know everybody that knows him, his disposition he had a very calm disposition, and that’s why it’s more of shock because nobody could really figure out what could have gone wrong. We don’t know much about his private life but the part that he plays here and the part of his role here was integral in making us who we are today.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News:  And today, the foundation is falling back on the good memories and work that Hoare did as comfort through this difficult time. 

Judith Mendez, President, People’s Diabetes Foundation: “We just transitioned to the New People’s Diabetes Foundation of which he became one of the core boards of our organization. He helped us you know we have two nurses we do policies and procedures, he put all the letters, you know interviews he was good at that, he was very articulate. We always wanted him to do it. He also all our paperwork everything we do that’s what he did for us, he was very techy, new a lot of tech stuff so whenever we needed something that’s who we called. Lucas would be the one to get the phones, in fact I just got the new phone and I’m battling with it right now so he was a big part of the function of this organization. I don’t live here permanently so he ran the office so that’s the big hole we have right now.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: Yeah so totally sad news and I’m sure he’ll be really missed there.

Judith Mendez, President, People’s Diabetes Foundation: “Yes very much so. We’ve had many people from the office our members calling, the Belize Diabetes Association   many people have called and extended – in fact where I’m sitting right now that was his favorite seat, that’s where whenever somebody walked by they knew they’d see him right there. He always did overtime, all the events that were after hours he took care of it so yeah a massive miss in our organization family and as a friend. We have no words right now.”