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Missing Fisherman’s Boat Found with Bullet Holes

Tonight, the concern is growing for 41-year-old, Karl Wagner. He was last seen on Friday night when he left his home in Independence Village. His wife, 26-year-old, Ybis Diego filed a missing person’s report on Saturday after she could not locate him. Diego told Love News via telephone that her husband received a phone call on Friday night. Immediately after, he left on a boat named “Neesha” for the sea and has not been seen since. According to Diego, it was a friend who called her husband.

Ybis Diego, Common Law Wife: “The last time I saw him was Friday night when I was pinning clothes outside because I normally wash at night and he was in his room and I saw him come out of his room, he jumped off the veranda and he loosened one of his friend’s boat and he jumped in the boat and he went. I stayed in the kitchen because it’s two buildings in the yard. I stayed and waited in the hammock, I waited. I fell asleep and got up again and I saw he didn’t come back so I started to call him but when I saw almost ten o’clock I called him and I said something was wrong because his phone went straight to voicemail and he wouldn’t go anywhere without telling me. And then I said like how he went and he didn’t tell me anything I said he’s coming back right now but all I know is that somebody called him, a friend called him to go out but I don’t know where. That is the sad part of the story that I don’t know what happened, I don’t know who he went to meet I only know that it’s one of his friends.”

Diego says that Wagner’s friend who called him is from Placencia and she attempted to get answers from him but he was not forthcoming. Diego believes her husband was lured out of his house so he can be attacked and, probably killed.

Ybis Diego, Common Law Wife: “I know the guys from Placencia. Because the night I saw the man I saw my boy was with this man. I called the man the morning after my man didn’t come back, I called him the man’s phone rang two times and then he hung up the phone. I called him again it rang and then he hung up the phone. And then about almost three o’clock the evening he showed up and he said he was coming from Caye. He said he went to take out some people but I say ‘My God if he was at home and I was calling him why didn’t he answer? He has my number.’ and he just hung up the phone. My boy was his friend why didn’t he go and look for him ? He has two boats. If you friend went missing you will tell me you won’t show up or at least lend out a boat for them to go look for your friend ? That is the sad part of this story, we don’t know what happened because my man he never goes out overnight. Never. He never does a thing like that that’s why it shocked me for him not to come back home.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: Reporter: And this friend that you’re talking about he said the he met with your common law husband over the weekend ? 

Ybis Diego, Common Law Wife: “No. My brother in law went and confronted the man and the man said no he didn’t see my husband. I know that it’s him. It looks like the ran up into the boat. It looks like the guy that called him waited for him, I think the man waited for him in the lagoon and when they saw the boat coming they just ran up into it. I think that is what happened.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News:  Do you believe that they shot at your husband ? 

Ybis Diego, Common Law Wife: “I think that is what happened. That they ran up into the boat and I don’t know if my husband fell out of the boat or they grabbed him and they brought him and they just took him out to sea and they just sank his boat out at sea.”

Coast Guard officers, accompanied by the family were out looking for Wagner today. His boat has been retrieved and according to ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, the search continues.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations Officer, Belize Police Department

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations Officer, Belize Police Department: “It has raised some interest of the police even more when his vessel was discovered by Independence Police. We have that vessel in police custody but we cannot give a definite location of the owner but I am certain that we’re treating this incident with utmost urgency because one he was last seen onboard his vessel and if we have that vessel we have to try to locate him.”

Diego believes that her husband managed to elude his attackers.