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Missing man believed to be dead

A man is currently missing and his family is fearing the worse. Derrick Ramirez (RAMIREZ MISSING VO) was reportedly about half a mile north of Cross Caye with his brother and brother-in-law when a boat approached them and docked beside them. Ramirez’s brother, Kevin Hernandez, reported to police that he recognized the captain only, and saw two other men on the boat as well. The captain told Hernandez that they were not allowed to dive in that area because it belonged to him. As such, Hernandez and his crew drove back to Cross Caye. While they were at the camp, the other boat’s captain arrived again with three men, two of whom were armed with guns. The gunmen began firing shots at Ramirez, causing Ramirez to run off into some mangroves. The gunmen followed him into the mangroves, and returned shortly after. The gunmen and the captain then left the area. After they departed, Ramirez reportedly exited the mangroves and began packing to his belongings in order to leave. However, before he could, leave, the boat captain arrived a third time. Ramirez retreated back into the mangroves, but the gunmen followed him in again, and fired several shots. Hernandez told police that he and Ramirez’s brother-in-law tried to look for Ramirez but were unable to find him. Police are currently investigating.//////////