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Missing Man Found Dead

The body of Alfonso Godfrey Coleman from Hopkins Village who went missing over the weekend was found earlier today. According to reports, he left his home to go fishing on Saturday but did not return. Love News spoke with Lieutenant Roque Canul, Acting Operations Officer of the Belize Coast Guard, about the incident.

Lieutenant Roque Canul – Acting Operations Officer

“The information we received from our partner agency, that was yesterday, that agency is the Southern Environmental Alliance (SEA), that they had found an apparent missing boat, later found out to be a canoe actually. From there all the movements started. All the investigations are in the preliminary phase. We don’t have detailed information on what happened. All we know now is that the body has been found and more than likely is at the morgue where a post-mortem will be conducted on the body.”

Recently, several persons have gone missing at sea, Lieutenant Canul said, that persons must ensure that they have the proper safety guards onboard their vessel when they go to sea, be vigilant of the weather and take steps to be safe once the weather has changed.