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Missing Monies at the Belize Workers Union?

The Belize Workers Union, BWU, will hold its Annual General Meeting soon and one of the points to be discussed will be the finances of the union. Someone within the union has leaked bank statements from two bank accounts belonging to the BWU. One of the bank account deals with the members’ savings while the other is kept to deposit monies so that the union’s executive can carry out its responsibilities. From the bank statements we received, it shows that in one bank account the union only has about seven hundred dollars while the other has a balance of minus one thousand one hundred and seven dollars and twenty four cents. Some members say they have noticed that thousands of dollars have gone missing especially since records show the members bank account had close to thirty thousand dollars as recent as early September.  Rumors circulating within the union are that some executive members have been mismanaging the union’s money. The President of the BWU, Ramiro Gongora, abstained from commenting saying that his membership advised him not to speak to the media. We have confirmed that the secretary of the union has been fired in relation to his matter. Workers will address the situation at their annual general meeting.