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Missing person, Erwin Rodriguez’s bicycle turns up in search for him

The family of seventeen year old Erwin Rodriguez continued their search for him today with the assistance of volunteers and the Police. The teenager went missing since August 24th and no one has heard from him since. The family has been searching for him for weeks but hasn’t had any success. Today the family and a group of volunteers were in the Dike Area in the vicinity of the Port Authority compound, where they have been a few times before and where they found a slipper that belongs to the missing teen. There, the search team found more of the teenager’s belongings leaving his family to believe that his body may very well be there. Dalila Ical has more on the story.

Jose Espat

“We have been getting a lot of information and a lot of compelling information to believe that he is around here.”


“Today they also found more of 17 year old Erwin Rodriguez’s belongings in the bushes at the Dyke area, most notable of those were his bicycle which was fished out of the canal shortly after the team belong their search in the morning. That team comprised of his mother Slyvia Rodriguez, a handful of volunteers and the police personnel. His mother has been to the area before with other volunteers. After the bicycle was found the team left it in the hands of the police. Two men in a canoe continued along the canal, using a rake they combed the bottom of the water and focused their search in an area where other pieces of Rodriguez’s belongings and other clues of what may have happened to him had been previously found.”


“I can’t go into details as to what it leads to but as it’s known we’ve found a jacket, we’ve found blood droplets, we have found his slippers and 12 gauge shells. The clues are scattered but volunteer Jose Espat says they are sure Erwin was here at some point.”

Jose Espat

“The test that we did on the bicycle that the brother had the key to the lock that was on the bicycle and it opened the lock we can safely say that the lock belonged to his brother and he was here at the time his slippers as well. I can’t say for sure about the blood but that is the scenes of crimes that took the blood sample and they are dealing with that.”


“It has been over a month since the teenager was last seen alive. The search for him has been slow and far apart, the problem is a lack of human resources. For his part Espat said that he has tried to get assistance from the Coast Guard but hasn’t been successful. Today’s help he says came largely through his plea on social media.”

Jose Espat

“I had some divers that I brought out here but seeing the waters in this canal come directly from the sewer filters of the City I don’t blame them they didn’t want to dive the waters, they don’t have the full body suits and equipment.”


“But at least one of the volunteers jumped into the water to properly search the area. Following today’s search his mother is confident that they are nearing an end to their ordeal.”

Sylvia Rodriguez – Mother of Erwin Rodriguez

“I know we are close to getting the truth so I thank everyone, first of all I thank God that I got the help through the Doctor Jose Espat and all I have to say is thanks to everyone who supported us.”